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The Education Guidance and Costs of School Uniform Bill 2021 states that: branded items must be kept to a minimum and schools will also need to avoid specifying expensive items of clothing. Marston Green Junior School only has two items that are “branded”, which Governors wish to retain, as part of keeping such items “to a minimum”.  This includes:

  • School sweatshirt/sweat cardigan for the school’s identity
  • School bag, which will fit in a pupil’s locker along with their PE kit and coat


However, Marston Green Junior School will continue to offer the following choices should parents not wish to purchase branded items for the PE kit.  This includes:

  • Plain black tracksuit
  • Plain white PE t-shirt


School Uniform List

School Leaders reserve the right to make an informed decision (on an ongoing basis) linked to all aspects of school uniform, jewellery and haircuts.


In response to the weather (which can be unpredictable) the school reserves the right to be more flexible with the start and end dates for summer uniform.



Autumn and Spring Term Uniform



Summer Term Uniform

  • White, hard collared (pointed not rounded) school shirts – long or short sleeved – suitable for a tie.
  • School tie to be worn from first Monday in October
  • Dark green sweatshirt or cardigan with the branded school badge
  • Grey skirts (knee length and fit comfortably)
  • Grey tailored culottes
  • Grey, tailored trousers
  • White/grey socks or grey tights 
  • A winter coat with a hood
  • Flat, sensible black school shoes suitable for the activity play area, field and basketball courts. 


  • White, hard collared (pointed not rounded) school shirts – long or short sleeved – no tie.
  • Dark green sweatshirt or cardigan with the branded school badge
  • Green check summer dress
  • Grey skirts with white/grey socks only
  • Grey tailored shorts (with grey socks)
  • Grey, tailored trousers
  • Grey tailored culottes
  • To uphold religious beliefs/modesty requirement:

   white leggings may be worn underneath a green check        summer dress or grey leggings under a grey skirt

  • Sensible black school shoes suitable for the activity play area, field and basketball courts. 
  • Sun hat (no football club caps)
  • Sunglasses



PE Kit List

Pupils should have their PE kits in a drawstring PE pump bag, which are easily stored in the lockers.  These are brought into school each Monday and taken home on Fridays.

Please note, rucksacks cannot fit in the lockers alongside the school bag and coat!



PE Kit



PE Kit for colder months in Autumn and Spring

  • Green/bottle green shorts (shadow stripe or plain)
  • White t-shirt with school logo or plain white t-shirt
  • Sports trainers suitable for a range of PE activities


  • Plain black tracksuit with school logo or plain black tracksuit
  • Plain black leggings with plain black tracksuit top



Each week pupils will have an outdoor lesson with sports coaches and will need a tracksuit during the colder days in Autumn and Spring Term only.  Pupils are able to wear the school tracksuit, or a plain tracksuit in black.


Please note that pupils wearing the incorrect PE uniform will be changed into the school’s spare PE kit.



See: School Brochure Appendix 2

The school has a long established Haircut Policy that is part of the Governors approved policies. It is important that parents understand the clear expectations for hairstyles. 


School bags

See: School Brochure Appendix 3

  • A drawstring pump bag for PE kit
  • A named, packed lunch cool bag or box - if appropriate.
  • School bag with school logo (available to purchase from Brigade), which is a suitable size to fit into pupils’ locker should last throughout your child’s time at the school.  Homework, library book and morning tuck can easily fit into the school bag. A specific water bottle holder can be purchased which attaches to the bag. 



The following guidelines, for jewellery, are for the safety of our pupils:

  • Only watches – not Fitbit/smart watches and the smallest plain, round ear studs (the type used when ears are first pierced not small fashion-shaped earrings) can be worn in school; these are the responsibility of the wearer. Novelty watches or fashion earrings cause distraction and are not appropriate.
  • All jewellery - even ear studs need to be taken out for PE.  Therefore, your child is directly responsible for removing all their jewellery and will be instructed by the class teacher to take out their earrings.
  • Pupils are able to wear no more than one pair of earrings (one earring in each ear).
  • For ease, we ask that parents remove earrings at home on PE days.
  • Marston Green Junior School may choose to support a specific charity (eg: Remembrance); pupils will only be able to wear charity bands for these designated number of days.
For more information when considering buying new uniform, or for guidence on accepted hair styles, please see our School Prospectus.

Our uniform supplier is Brigade School Wear.  Please click the link to access the service  

The link will enable parents to register with Brigade Clothing immediately ensuring you do not miss out on important notifications and offers.  Brigade's dedicated email address for parent’s queries is

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