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Marston Green Junior School

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We want our pupils to regard their time in school as important and believe that wearing sensible and suitable clothes is a mark of respect for the school. We feel it is more convenient  for parents if we maintain a stock of uniform, for purchase, throughout the year. This can be bought from the school office. The school Governors have decided that a simple uniform is best and we ask parents to comply with the following:


  • School uniform, which is named.

  • We encourage parents to use black laundry pens to write their child’s name - these are the most effective and they remain on the clothing after many washes

  • Write your child’s name on the label either at the back of the collar or side seam – better still, both!

  • A winter coat with a hood.

  • A sun hat


  • Sensible black shoes (not brown or multi colours) appropriate for school. Suitable for the activity play-area, field and basketball courts.

  • Sling backs, heels higher than two inches, or mules, are not safe on the playground.

  • Fashion boots or shoes are not suitable and are not in keeping with the Health and Safety regulations

  • School shoes should not have a logo (i.e. Converse, Nike, Adidas or Puma)


  • All pupils wear white, hard collared shirts – long or short sleeved – suitable for a tie

  • School tie to be worn during Autumn and Spring only

  • Dark green sweatshirt or cardigan with a school badge

  • Grey, tailored trousers (not black)

  • Grey tailored culottes can be worn all year round – particularly in the summer term for comfort and coolness

  • White or grey socks/tights for girls (not black)

  • Grey socks for boys


  • Our summer uniform is worn after the Easter holiday until the end of September.

  • Summer uniform is either:

  • a traditional green check dress not a fashion summer dress, which has a t-shirt top with a green checked skirt – this is not our summer dress uniform!

  • a grey skirt / tailored culottes

  • white short / long sleeve shirt with a hard collar


    Pupils should have their PE kits in a school logo P.E bag and these are brought into school each Monday and taken home on Fridays.

  • PE uniform comprises of green shorts (shadow stripe) and a school logo T-shirt (or a plain white T-shirt).

  • Each week pupils will have an outdoor lesson with sports coaches and will need a tracksuit during the colder months. Pupils are able to wear the school tracksuit, or a plain tracksuit in black.

  • We ask parents not to send in sports logo tracksuit tops or bottoms.

  • Pumps/trainers - black or white of the correct size

  • A draw-string bag for PE kit

  • A named, packed lunch cool bag or box - if appropriate.

  • School bag (available to purchase from school at £8.00), which is a suitable size to fit into pupils trays and should last throughout your child’s time at the school. Homework, library book and morning tuck can easily fit into the school bag. A specific water bottle holder can be purchased which attaches to the bag.


    1. parental support, we can encourage our pupils to adopt the right attitude to school. Dressing appropriately is part of that process. Teaching and non-teaching staff are also expected to dress appropriately.


    We always want the pupils at our school to look smart and presentable. Therefore we rely on, and need, parents to be co-operative and sensible in choosing school uniform. Our staff consider the pupils in our school to be young children, and therefore we do not accept older teenage or adult fashions, that are inappropriate as school wear.


    It is important that parents consider carefully the items of clothes or shoes that they purchase and consider if it is appropriate for a school and playground environment. As a school we cannot give out recommendations for all aspects of school uniform but ask that parents carefully consider the following issues, some of which we have had to respond to:


  • Summer dresses/ Culottes or skirts that are knee length and fit comfortably. It is inappropriate for girls to wear embarrassingly short and tight-fitting clothes.

  • Fashionable trousers are not acceptable (e.g. with flares, leggings, slits up the side or patterns) as these do not look smart for school.

  • Pupils should not have professionally manicured long or false fingernails. Similarly it is inappropriate for pupils to have jewels ‘glued’ into their teeth.

  • Pupils should not be wearing any make-up or nail varnish to school. We ask parents whose children attend dance shows/competitions to ensure all make-up and tanning is removed.

  • All footwear should be sensible so that pupils can run on the playground, use the basketball courts and play on the adventure playground safely.

For more information when considering buying new uniform, or for guidence on accepted hair styles, please see our School Prospectus.

As of July 2020 Marks & Spencer are the suppliers of our school uniform. 



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